Before Travelling

So, You Are Heading Off For a While

Background: At a nearby group of strata units, a recently widowed elderly gentleman, lets name him Harry, headed off on a lovely cruise around Australia.

The cruise was about three weeks.  Whilst gone, one of his neighbours noticed they had not seen him for a couple of weeks and they alerted the local police.

Police visited the home and could not arouse anyone inside, because they were gone for three weeks.

Then the concerned police broke down the front door of the unit and discovered that it was vacant and there was some travel information on a table.

Harry arrived home a few days later to find that his home had been invaded by the police, and door had been temporarily fixed.


Moral of the Story

This recent story shows how it is important to let your neighbour(s) know when you will be gone travelling, and an approximate return date.

In cases such as this, it is up to the Owner/Resident to repair all damage done when emergency services make a forced entry.

Oh, and don't forget to isolate the water to your Unit. Make sure all un-needed appliances are turned off/unplugged.


Please do not feed the birds.  Yes, they are great to see and hear, but they should not be encouraged.

Doing so can attract them back to other residents balconies where they can leave a mess on the balcony rail or glass.

They can feed themselves in Nature.


Desk Wireless Phone for Elderly

I just learned about this phone, and it is ideal for the very elderly, and perhaps some not so old.

Basically it is a desk phone that uses "mobile phone" technology. Thus it does not need NBN or a Landline. It uses a mobile phone SIM card to make and receive calls.

There are lots of positive reviews online.

Cost is $219.50.

It is available from:


Great for those who have trouble managing and using a mobile phone.

The phone would be well suited for use in Aged Care facilities, or for when an elderly relative might be located with different family members from time to time.

It would also work in a Hospital, if they allowed it.



Here is another image of the phone.

Seniors Phone

Some Specs

No landline, No NBN required.

EasyDial 4G Desk Phone with New Features:

3 Dedicated Speed Dial buttons
Allows to Assign 3 most important contact numbers to 3 dedicated Big buttons for One Touch speed call.
Call Announcement
Option to Announce both incoming and outgoing Phone numbers in a clear voice.
Voice & Call recording
Option to record all phone conversations automatically and play later
One-Touch FM Radio
Large Screen with Big Font
Easy Setup
WIFI Hotspot to share SIM data with other devices
Block unwanted calls
Dual SIM card supports
2000mAh Backup battery - Will last up to 72 hours in stand-by mode

This 4G Wireless Desk phone works with 4G,3G SIM cards from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Amaysim, ALDI Mobile, Layca Mobile, Tele Choice, Woolworth Mobiles, Better Life Mobile, Boost Mobile, Belong Mobile, LYFmobile, Think Mobile and much more.

Practicing Self-Isolation and Staying In

Whether we like it or not, we need to minimise all outside contact as much as possible.
I get the strong impression that most at Waves are staying in by choice. If any are staying in due to Govt. requirements, then I am not aware of that situation.
As most of us are in the more senior age group, we are told we are the most susceptible to any exposure to Corona virus.
So we should minimise contact, practice social distancing (1.5 metres or more), and practice increased hand washing etc.

Here are some suggestions to ease the pain of Staying In:

Subscribe to some Video Streaming services. Netflix, Stan, CuriosityStream, or just use the free YouTube.

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge anytime and anywhere with CuriosityStream.

Curiosity Stream has a  special  on at present and it is US$11.99 for a 12 month subscription. Sign up here to CuriosityStream

Another suggestion is get into a routine, and stick with it.  Plan meal times, skip snacking, exercise, rest up, catch up on house keeping duties.

Avoid spending too much time on FaceBook or Twitter or whatever.. There is a lot of false information spread on social media.

Keep in touch with family and friends by phone, skype or similar.

Try to not look at your finance positions with Superannuation or Shareholdings. There is no good news to be had there.


Some Training

Perhaps you want to add some skills, so look to UDEMY online Training for some on line training courses. They have some great stuff and often have special pricing. Mainly technical stuff, but a good range of subjects.

Hungry For A Good Curry?

Do you enjoy a good curry or other Indian food?

Whilst there are some around the Peninsula, we always head over to Bracken Ridge.

Kings Curry Hut in the shopping centre on Telegraph Road has some of the best curries and Indian fare.
Yes, a bit further to drive, but well worth it.

Here is where they are …

Here is a photo of the restaurant.

We are not connected to Kings Curry in any way, apart from being regular customers.

Some Entrees that we recommend:
Saffron Tikka
Chicken 65 (Medium)
Chilli chicken (Medium)

Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Madras
Chicken Saag

Chicken Vindaloo (ordered Medium usually, but occasionally Hot ).

Want something different, try a Dosa.

Check out the Kings Curry website

JohnG, U15