Development 4 to 8 Sutton Street

Report by M Sharwood - U45

Many would have heard the noise of site clearing of trees and house at 8 Sutton St from before 7am today following the removal earlier in the week of the house at 6 Sutton St. About mid-afternoon the excavator on site started heaping up debris which resulted in soil excavation and consequent dust. Contrary to the requirements of MBRC approval no dust suppression was in place and much dust drifted to our apartments.

I made a formal complaint to the Council this afternoon so if no dust suppression happens again please add to my complaint so MBRC take the appropriate action.

The BC Committee Chairperson accepted my offer of having the Approval Documents placed in the ground floor library for owners to peruse. Barry from Unit 11 has borrowed the envelope of the Documents.

Michael Sharwood.

Posted in Owner Input.