Email Scam Red Light Intrusion

Ray Scott-White (Unit 57) reports receiving an email titled “Driving Intrusion Information”

It purports to come from the Australian Federal Police and shows their badge emblem.

Then the email sets out details of the infringement with…

Reason: Red Lights
Case No: 473xxxxxxx
Date of issue: 9/12/2017 ( hmmm strange date format for AFP)
Amount Due: $56.70 AUD
Due Date 10/12/2017

Then there is a link to “View” the infringement notice….

Don’t open the link… It is a scam. Ray has reported the email to the Police and wants to share his warning with all.

The Police stated that they do not send out emails for such infringements.
Don’t get caught by scams such as this.

Thanks Ray for the warning.

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