FAQ for New Residents and Owners

Here are some download links and other information for new Owners and Residents.

In Case Of Fire
If you have a fire, or hear the fire alarm, you need to evacuate the building via the fire stairway. Do not use the elevators. It is recommended that you leave your front door unlocked in case Fire Brigade members need to access your apartment. Once outside, head to the muster area and wait until the all clear has been announced.

A good tip also is to buy some Fire Blankets from Bunnings and have them on hand. They are only about $10 each.

Ambulance - Revised Information - April 2017

If you need to call an Ambulance, dial “000”

Be sure to tell them the address as Your Unit Number and  “17-23 Marine Parade, REDCLIFFE”.

That way, they can access the locked box with necessary access items and they will be able to get to your apartment door.

You will just need to get your front door unlocked for them.

See/download the updated Emergency Poster Ambulance Notice – (2017) PDF.

Building Security
Please ensure that all doors close fully behind you when entering or leaving the building.
Do not allow access to anyone you do not know or recognise.

If you see any security problems, please report them as soon as possible to a committee member or the caretaker.

Severe Weather Preparation

In the event of an approaching storm, you should move any lightweight items from your outdoor area. Remember to take down any decorations/clocks etc. that you may have hanging outside. 

Heavier items can be made more secure by tying them together, and moving them as far as possible from exposed areas.

Pest Control

We have a Pest Control Operator spray around the building about each six months. If you see ants or other bugs you can spray them with a regular insect spray.  Keeping your apartment clean will reduce any bug problems.

If you have an outdoor air conditioner unit, sometimes spreading a small amount of naphtha flakes behind it will deter bugs from congregating there. 

Information Documents

 Clicking each link will enable you to view/download the PDF to your computer. 

Use Download Button for the 2021 Handbook PDF.