Your Unit’s Tiles

Tiles at Waves

The tiles inside your Unit and on your balcony are your responsibility and you should check them regularly and maintain them.

They will mostly look after themselves so it is not a big task.  Failure to maintain them can cause you significant expense.

Maintenance involves ensuring that pooled water is swept to the nearest floor drain. Any missing grout should be replaced as soon as possible.

In your shower areas, always make sure that all water drains away after use. This is important to minimise water seeping into the screed layer beneath the tiles.

If you see any yellowing or oozing near the silver strip at the bathroom doorway, you have a problem that will only worsen.

Here is a sample of the problem area:


Tile Edge Oozing

The primary objective should be to minimize water build up and pooling on the shower floor. This can be achieved by wiping up any residual water with an old towel after each use. If the shower floor drains as designed and all water drained away within say, 15 minutes, then towel drying the floor should not be needed and you are probably not seeing any of the tell tale signs described above.

Another suggested action is to have the tile grout lines in the shower stall treated with a quality sealant, thus minimising water penetration.

If your bathroom floors have degraded to the degree of the one shown above, then the only viable fix is a complete re-tile of the floor, which would entail new membrane applications, new screed and tiling. Several Units have already gone through this process and at the same time have fully modernised their bathrooms.

The money spent will always be recouped any time the unit might be sold.

Problem Area

Problem Detail


Please do not feed the birds.  Yes, they are great to see and hear, but they should not be encouraged.

Doing so can attract them back to other residents balconies where they can leave a mess on the balcony rail or glass.

They can feed themselves in Nature.


Tiles Choice

Please vote (A or B) on your favourite replacement tile for our front stairs and podium level.

Both tiles are rated non-slip for outside walkway areas.

email your vote to the Committee at

Votes closed 11th July 2022 and the majority (about 95%) voted for Tile-A which is named "Canyon Ash"

Thanks to all who provided their input.

Balcony Doors

Your Balcony Doors

The doors to your balcony have an aluminium strengthener bar at the opposite end to the door handle.

This should not be used as a handle to slide the door, as I found out.  The beam is there to weatherproof and strengthen our doors in the case of a cyclone, or strong winds. It is only held in place at the top and bottom by two small stainless steel screws.

I used it once too often to slide the door open, and the lower screw came out of its anchor point.  Luckily I was able to re-attach the beam at the bottom by carefully locating the screw in its original anchor hole.


Alum. Brace Beam

The small stainless steel screw is at the bottom. Just under that is the hole for roller height adjustment.