Fibre Internet at Waves

Updated with New Pricing from December 2022

This article updated as TPG and iiNet have increased prices for new customers. It is still a great deal for a great service.

Waves now has about 18 units connected and all are happy with the service.

Latest Technology News – Internet

TPG Communications has connected a glass fibre network connection to our building.

This opens up opportunities for those wanting faster unlimited internet services to help resolve some video streaming issues.

You can sign up via TPG or via  iiNet. iiNet is a TPG subsidiary company. Internode is another option.

You also have an opportunity to save on existing NBN internet costs, depending on your service speeds and capacity packages.

Today, 22-June-2021, four units were connected to the recently available TPG FTTB (Fibre To The Basement) at Waves.


Things to Consider Before Switching

  • You may be locked into a contract with your existing internet provider
  • You may be using an email address bundled with your existing NBN provider.
  • You may have an existing Mobile phone bundled with your existing NBN provider
  • You may be getting some other bundle add-ons from your existing NBN provide
  • Another thing to consider is your use of a “landline” phone number. The packages offered by TPG offer a new phone number, and differing levels of included calls, from pay-as-you-go to included. If you want to retain the landline number you may currently use, then the number can be “ported” across to TPG in lieu of getting a fresh number.  To port the number to TPG, you will need to speak to their Sales Dept on 13 14 23

If you only use a mobile phone, then the free included phone line with the TPG-FTTB packages may be ignored.


There is also a secret TPG Coupon you may be able to use that will waive your first month charge.

The coupon to try  is  FTTBFREE1   note: coupon may have expired

If you are an iiNet NBN customer, then you can sign up with them. They have a promo code at present of  ULTRA6 for 6 months @ $79.99. This may be only for new iiNet customers – not sure…

for TPG Sign Up:   TPG Link   or Phone  1300 403 211

for iiNet sign up:  online – iiNet Link  or Phone  13 19 17

TPG Package Details Below (iiNet are Similar)

Basic Bundle

New Pricing applies to new connections from December 2022

This bundle costs just $59.99 per month $79.99 for the first 6 months, then 89.99 per month  and would suit internet usage for emails and web browsing.

With a download speed of 90 Mbps, it would be way faster than any of your prior ADSL2 or NBN connection.

Upload speed is 17 Mbps,

Is very suitable for video streaming.

Includes a phone line with Pay As You Go.  Call rates are good, but most people today use Mobile Phones.

see TPG for further details


New Oven

Fagor Thermostat Unreliable

The thermostat on our original Fagor oven was proving unreliable.  Time for a new oven.

We searched several stores and on-line and settled on a Westinghouse replacement (model WVE614SC).

As we did with our dishwasher, we found the new one at Good Guys.

We collected it at the North Lakes store. luckily it fit into our vehicle.


Installation WVE614SC

This is one item that needs a licensed electrician to remove the old one and install the new one. The unit has the wiring direct connected to a mounting block inside the back of the oven.

Upon removal of the old oven, we discovered a few discarded cigarette butts from the original installers. Thanks guys for being so messy.

The Sparky had to re-route the power wiring from one side of the back of the cabinet to the other and the new Westinghouse had it connecting on the left (when looking at the oven front). It is a tight fit, and there was not an extra 15mm between the back of the new oven, and the rear wall. Trying to install the new oven with its cable crossing over the supply to the cooktop meant the new oven would not push all the way back as needed. Re-routing the oven wiring solved that issue.


Oven Model

New Dishwasher

Goodbye Fagor Dishwasher

Our dishwasher has been failing to shut off the water supply when done washing. Luckily it has a over-full sensor that detects a high water level, and then pumps out the water in the base.  The slow leak of water getting past the infill solenoid would cause an overfull condition about once per hour. To manage this, I would need to turn the tap off after each time we used the washer. And on again to do the next wash.

Time for a new dishwasher.

Hello Bosch SMS40E08AU

Looking around at many brands, we settled on the Bosch model: SMS40E08AU. This we bought at Good-Guys.

Installation is fairly easy. Once I had the new hoses and power fed through to the undersink cabinet, the new unit slid cleanly into place.

The old Fagor model went to the metal pile at the Clontarf tip.



Microwave Replacement

Failing Fagor

Our original Fagor microwave oven has been loosing its heating power and taking longer to heat/cook foods.

We wanted a new one that would fit into the same space and match the built-in look of the old Fagor.

With the tip from Fiona and Ned, we started hunting for the Artusi models. They had replaced theirs some time back and it looked close to the original.

The one we found was the Artusi AMO31TK model. This was ordered from AppliancesOnline and due to stock shortages and shipping delays, it took nearly two months to arrive.



The installation instructions that came with the unit were minimal. They left out some important details.

After unpacking, we found 4 small plastic bits that were not mentioned anywhere in the manual. These turned out to be important, and NEEDED to be screwed onto the base of the new unit.

The oven came with a paper template, showing where the rear bracket needed to be screwed to the floor of the cutout space. Yes, you need to remove the existing one from the original oven and use this new bracket as it fits into a small slot in the back of the new oven.

The install instructions mention removal of all packing items and plastic. The important point here is that the new unit comes wrapped in a thin plastic wrap that covers the vents in the top of the oven.  Be sure to peel all the plastic off so that vent holes are open.

Plug in the cord, switch on, then slide the new oven into place. You may need to jiggle it a little to ensure it connects properly with the rear support bracket.  Screw the front hold-down screw in place, and you are done.



Repainting Your Unit

If you are planning to repaint your unit, as we have recently done, then there is one great TIP you should consider.

That is, to have your painter use a gloss/semi-gloss paint on the Laundry walls.

This helps prevent the nasty build up of lint from the clothes dryer. Walls can now be easily wiped over to remove the lint.

AGM 2019 for Owners

Owners Voting Papers Sent

By now you should have received an email and a printed copy of the meeting motions, and supporting documents.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday August 22nd at 10:00am at 31 Portwood Street, Redcliffe.

If you cannot make it to the AGM, then please vote ahead of time by completing your voting paper and submitting it to Capitol.

Owners are encouraged to attend, though this is not necessary.

Shower Door Fix

Several Owners have mentioned that they have had issues with shower doors within Waves. I know that we did in our unit.

I had three different tradesmen come and try fix our shower doors. The third time we got  LUCKY 

The problem was that the gap between the fixed glass panel, and the door edge began binding. that made a loud scraping noise when opening/closing the shower door.

Then it got so bad that the door would not close fully and water splashed out onto bathroom floor.

My take was that the shower door hinges had moved, and that caused the gap to close. This was also the conclusion reached by the first two tradesmen. They tried adjusting the door hinges, but that was only partially successful, and did not last long.


Third Time Lucky

The third tradesman called was quick to see the cause and the solution. I explained the efforts made by the previous two tradesmen and how that had not helped.

Number Three explained that the problem was that the  fixed  pane was the cause. It has slowly crept away from the wall and had closed the gap.

The fix was easy, and he refused to accept any payment for his attendance.

Below I share what needs doing and how to do it....


This shows the area after it has been fixed.

The fixed pane creeps away from the wall and closes the gap. Then it binds on the shower door pane.

It is best to remove the door before trying the step below. However, for your first try you may decide to skip this step.

Removing the door carefully does make the whole job simpler.

The silver plastic covers at the top and bottom hinges will simply click off with a small screwdriver.

Then you can use a bigger screwdriver to free the door pane, and carefully place it somewhere safe.

The plan is to move the fixed panel back toward the wall, by tapping it carefully whilst protecting the edge of the glass. You you not want to break it.

As mentioned above, it is easier with the door out of the way.

Use a soapy solution, or CRC or WD40, applied around the edge of the fixed panel. Be sure to lubricate both inside and outside the shower.

Next, use a sharp flat blade, such as from a Stanley box cutter or similar, to loosen the seal around the glass. The blade should be pushed into the joint between the glass and the plastic seal strip. Again, do inside the shower, and outside. This is done so the glass is able to be moved with the next step.

Use a piece of softwood, or several layers of towel to protect the glass edge. Then tap it lightly on its edge to have it slide back into its original place. Start with light taps. Use a rubber mallet if you have one, but still protect the glass edge.

This should result in resetting the gap to the shower door, and fixing the issue.  I hope you can get the shower door back in place in one piece.

 Disclaimer: This advise is given freely with no responsibility on the part of the writer. 

A Garden Guest

Today I spotted a large guest in the garden bed on the South side of the front entrances.

I think it is a skink, and it was about a foot long. Perhaps be wary when placing hands in the garden bed. I guess they bite!


Committee Nominations Needed Now

Recently you should have received an AGM notice from our body corporate manager, Capitol.
We recommend that you do attend the AGM, as it is important to add your vote to critical decisions.

New Committee

The notice included a Committee Nomination form. Yes, you can nominate yourself.
At the time of the AGM, all positions will be declared as vacant, so we need nominations for all positions.
You may nominate for all positions;- Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and/or one of the Ordinary members.

It appears there may be some of the present committee who are not nominating again.

Being on the committee is a rewarding experience. Yes, it does require a few hours of your time each month, but you will find it worthwhile.
If in doubt, ask any current or previous committee person.

Still wondering if this is for you? There will be ample guidance provided to you if this is to be your first experience on our body corporate committee, so do not be apprehensive. C'mon, give it a go and get those forms lodged now. The closing date is Thursday, 31 May 2018.

Typical Meeting

Development 4 to 8 Sutton Street

Report by M Sharwood - U45

Many would have heard the noise of site clearing of trees and house at 8 Sutton St from before 7am today following the removal earlier in the week of the house at 6 Sutton St. About mid-afternoon the excavator on site started heaping up debris which resulted in soil excavation and consequent dust. Contrary to the requirements of MBRC approval no dust suppression was in place and much dust drifted to our apartments.

I made a formal complaint to the Council this afternoon so if no dust suppression happens again please add to my complaint so MBRC take the appropriate action.

The BC Committee Chairperson accepted my offer of having the Approval Documents placed in the ground floor library for owners to peruse. Barry from Unit 11 has borrowed the envelope of the Documents.

Michael Sharwood.

Plantation Shutters

From Barry, Unit 11

Plantation shutters installed last Wednesday 20th Sept. By Franklyn blinds. All good and happy to recommend their work.


Thanks for the recommendation Barry.


Email Scam Red Light Intrusion

Ray Scott-White (Unit 57) reports receiving an email titled “Driving Intrusion Information”

It purports to come from the Australian Federal Police and shows their badge emblem.

Then the email sets out details of the infringement with…

Reason: Red Lights
Case No: 473xxxxxxx
Date of issue: 9/12/2017 ( hmmm strange date format for AFP)
Amount Due: $56.70 AUD
Due Date 10/12/2017

Then there is a link to “View” the infringement notice….

Don’t open the link… It is a scam. Ray has reported the email to the Police and wants to share his warning with all.

The Police stated that they do not send out emails for such infringements.
Don’t get caught by scams such as this.

Thanks Ray for the warning.

In-House NBN Info

Lorraine and Bruce have offered to help residents with a range of telecom services, including NBN advice and support.

See their notice above or on the notice board in ground floor car park.


We do still need to wait until we each get a confirmation from the NBN Co that our connection is available.
In the meantime, enjoy the present internet connection (ADSL or Cable) that you currently enjoy as there are problems reported with slow speeds and drop-outs in the Redcliffe area after conversion.

The Way We Were

These old photos show what was at the Waves site before construction commenced.
Use the phone box as a reference.

Thanks to John Dunn for sending in those photographs.

Plantation Shutters

Barry and Collette are looking into getting quotes for some Plantation shutters.

If you can recommend a supplier please drop a note into their mailbox (Unit 11) or send an email ( barryandcollette AT )

Lending Library

Alison Dunn reports that-


Waves now has it’s own lending library for books, magazines and DVD’s.

Many thanks Alison (U23)

See below for details.

Got some items you would like to share? Add them to the collection.

Smart Boat recovery

This was reported a few days ago…

I saw this boat trying to climb the foreshore this morning.

Interesting operation where they had a separate hydraulic motor driving the front and rear wheels. When in the water, the wheels retract similar to an aircraft.

The hydraulic motor stalled several times indicating that this was perhaps the first time they chose this method of retrieval.

JohnD, U23