Fibre Internet at Waves

Updated with New Pricing from December 2022

This article updated as TPG and iiNet have increased prices for new customers. It is still a great deal for a great service.

Waves now has about 18 units connected and all are happy with the service.

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TPG Communications has connected a glass fibre network connection to our building.

This opens up opportunities for those wanting faster unlimited internet services to help resolve some video streaming issues.

You can sign up via TPG or via  iiNet. iiNet is a TPG subsidiary company. Internode is another option.

You also have an opportunity to save on existing NBN internet costs, depending on your service speeds and capacity packages.

Today, 22-June-2021, four units were connected to the recently available TPG FTTB (Fibre To The Basement) at Waves.


Things to Consider Before Switching

  • You may be locked into a contract with your existing internet provider
  • You may be using an email address bundled with your existing NBN provider.
  • You may have an existing Mobile phone bundled with your existing NBN provider
  • You may be getting some other bundle add-ons from your existing NBN provide
  • Another thing to consider is your use of a “landline” phone number. The packages offered by TPG offer a new phone number, and differing levels of included calls, from pay-as-you-go to included. If you want to retain the landline number you may currently use, then the number can be “ported” across to TPG in lieu of getting a fresh number.  To port the number to TPG, you will need to speak to their Sales Dept on 13 14 23

If you only use a mobile phone, then the free included phone line with the TPG-FTTB packages may be ignored.


There is also a secret TPG Coupon you may be able to use that will waive your first month charge.

The coupon to try  is  FTTBFREE1   note: coupon may have expired

If you are an iiNet NBN customer, then you can sign up with them. They have a promo code at present of  ULTRA6 for 6 months @ $79.99. This may be only for new iiNet customers – not sure…

for TPG Sign Up:   TPG Link   or Phone  1300 403 211

for iiNet sign up:  online – iiNet Link  or Phone  13 19 17

TPG Package Details Below (iiNet are Similar)

Basic Bundle

New Pricing applies to new connections from December 2022

This bundle costs just $59.99 per month $79.99 for the first 6 months, then 89.99 per month  and would suit internet usage for emails and web browsing.

With a download speed of 90 Mbps, it would be way faster than any of your prior ADSL2 or NBN connection.

Upload speed is 17 Mbps,

Is very suitable for video streaming.

Includes a phone line with Pay As You Go.  Call rates are good, but most people today use Mobile Phones.

see TPG for further details


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