Before Travelling

So, You Are Heading Off For a While

Background: At a nearby group of strata units, a recently widowed elderly gentleman, lets name him Harry, headed off on a lovely cruise around Australia.

The cruise was about three weeks.  Whilst gone, one of his neighbours noticed they had not seen him for a couple of weeks and they alerted the local police.

Police visited the home and could not arouse anyone inside, because they were gone for three weeks.

Then the concerned police broke down the front door of the unit and discovered that it was vacant and there was some travel information on a table.

Harry arrived home a few days later to find that his home had been invaded by the police, and door had been temporarily fixed.


Moral of the Story

This recent story shows how it is important to let your neighbour(s) know when you will be gone travelling, and an approximate return date.

In cases such as this, it is up to the Owner/Resident to repair all damage done when emergency services make a forced entry.

Oh, and don't forget to isolate the water to your Unit. Make sure all un-needed appliances are turned off/unplugged.

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