First New Paint Completion

Higgins Coatings are expected to complete the major painting works today, Aug 20 2019.

There may be a couple of painters around in the next few days to complete some minor issues.

Once all those issues are attended to we will update this article.

It has been a major effort by all present Committee and we have had a great deal of good advice and support from the Project Manager, Mr George Englert.

First New Paint

Higgins Coatings commenced work yesterday on the repainting of the Waves Building.

Today, May 14th 2019, the first new paint was applied and this was on the balcony ceiling on an upper level apartment.

Please take note of the painting schedules as posted around the building and in particular, look out for any notice that may be placed under your front door. These notices from Higgins will arrive about 48 hours before work commences in and around your balcony. Please read them carefully.


New Roof Membrane Completed

Owners will be happy to know that the application of a new roof membrane has been completed, and just in time for Easter, 2019.

The process involved removal of failing membrane by using a diamond grinding machine and taking the roof back to the base concrete.

Next, a primer coat was applied, then the new membrane coat, followed by two ultra-violet protecting top coats.

The coating products were all supplied by Adcrete, a local industry, and the preparation and application was done by Vertex Access Systems.

Now, with care and re-inspection, the new membrane should last at least twenty years.

Roof Membrane – with Updates

Update: Thursday 14th March

The grind-off of the top (east) level roof has been completed today.
The two-pack primer coat has been applied to that area and will protect in case of rain.
It does look as though rain is coming later today so it is reassuring to know that the first sealing coat has been completed where needed.
Vertex plan to commence the grinding of the lower (Western) roof tomorrow, weather permitting.

Grinding the Roof - 11th March

Work by contractor "Vertex" has started today on the roof membrane replacement. You may hear some grinding noise within the building as the grinding progresses.



Grinding The Membrane

On the right is the grinder. In the left of the photo is the vacuum system to collect dust and debris from the diamond grinder.



Grinding The Membrane

This photo shows the inert material that is being removed. It is quite "rubbery" and flexible.
It is a shame that it was not applied uniformly when initially applied as the material seems in good condition where it is thick enough.

In many places it had been applied too thinly, and was worn through to the roof concrete. hence the need to have it all re-done.

Yes, there is some of this material blowing off the roof onto the grounds below. Vertex have been advised of this issue and are doing their utmost to minimize the problem. They are also cleaning affected areas each day as work progresses.  No "dust" gets past their HEPA filter system, only some larger fragments that are ejected from the grinding machine by centrifugal forces.

The material reaching the lower levels is inert, so just looks bad.




Old Membrane

Day Two

This photo shows two intrepid workers at the edge of the upper roof. Don't worry, they have tethers hooked onto their belts/harnesses.

And they are certified to work in such situations.

They are tethered to secure anchor bolts that have been re-certified within the past two days.

It is amazing the regulations that must be adhered to for such works.

Thanks to Carol (U27) for the photo...





Rooftop Workers

Shower Door Fix

Several Owners have mentioned that they have had issues with shower doors within Waves. I know that we did in our unit.

I had three different tradesmen come and try fix our shower doors. The third time we got  LUCKY 

The problem was that the gap between the fixed glass panel, and the door edge began binding. that made a loud scraping noise when opening/closing the shower door.

Then it got so bad that the door would not close fully and water splashed out onto bathroom floor.

My take was that the shower door hinges had moved, and that caused the gap to close. This was also the conclusion reached by the first two tradesmen. They tried adjusting the door hinges, but that was only partially successful, and did not last long.


Third Time Lucky

The third tradesman called was quick to see the cause and the solution. I explained the efforts made by the previous two tradesmen and how that had not helped.

Number Three explained that the problem was that the  fixed  pane was the cause. It has slowly crept away from the wall and had closed the gap.

The fix was easy, and he refused to accept any payment for his attendance.

Below I share what needs doing and how to do it....


This shows the area after it has been fixed.

The fixed pane creeps away from the wall and closes the gap. Then it binds on the shower door pane.

It is best to remove the door before trying the step below. However, for your first try you may decide to skip this step.

Removing the door carefully does make the whole job simpler.

The silver plastic covers at the top and bottom hinges will simply click off with a small screwdriver.

Then you can use a bigger screwdriver to free the door pane, and carefully place it somewhere safe.

The plan is to move the fixed panel back toward the wall, by tapping it carefully whilst protecting the edge of the glass. You you not want to break it.

As mentioned above, it is easier with the door out of the way.

Use a soapy solution, or CRC or WD40, applied around the edge of the fixed panel. Be sure to lubricate both inside and outside the shower.

Next, use a sharp flat blade, such as from a Stanley box cutter or similar, to loosen the seal around the glass. The blade should be pushed into the joint between the glass and the plastic seal strip. Again, do inside the shower, and outside. This is done so the glass is able to be moved with the next step.

Use a piece of softwood, or several layers of towel to protect the glass edge. Then tap it lightly on its edge to have it slide back into its original place. Start with light taps. Use a rubber mallet if you have one, but still protect the glass edge.

This should result in resetting the gap to the shower door, and fixing the issue.  I hope you can get the shower door back in place in one piece.

 Disclaimer: This advise is given freely with no responsibility on the part of the writer. 

Plantation Shutters

Barry and Collette are looking into getting quotes for some Plantation shutters.

If you can recommend a supplier please drop a note into their mailbox (Unit 11) or send an email ( barryandcollette AT )