Roof Membrane – with Updates

Update: Thursday 14th March

The grind-off of the top (east) level roof has been completed today.
The two-pack primer coat has been applied to that area and will protect in case of rain.
It does look as though rain is coming later today so it is reassuring to know that the first sealing coat has been completed where needed.
Vertex plan to commence the grinding of the lower (Western) roof tomorrow, weather permitting.

Grinding the Roof - 11th March

Work by contractor "Vertex" has started today on the roof membrane replacement. You may hear some grinding noise within the building as the grinding progresses.



Grinding The Membrane

On the right is the grinder. In the left of the photo is the vacuum system to collect dust and debris from the diamond grinder.



Grinding The Membrane

This photo shows the inert material that is being removed. It is quite "rubbery" and flexible.
It is a shame that it was not applied uniformly when initially applied as the material seems in good condition where it is thick enough.

In many places it had been applied too thinly, and was worn through to the roof concrete. hence the need to have it all re-done.

Yes, there is some of this material blowing off the roof onto the grounds below. Vertex have been advised of this issue and are doing their utmost to minimize the problem. They are also cleaning affected areas each day as work progresses.  No "dust" gets past their HEPA filter system, only some larger fragments that are ejected from the grinding machine by centrifugal forces.

The material reaching the lower levels is inert, so just looks bad.




Old Membrane

Day Two

This photo shows two intrepid workers at the edge of the upper roof. Don't worry, they have tethers hooked onto their belts/harnesses.

And they are certified to work in such situations.

They are tethered to secure anchor bolts that have been re-certified within the past two days.

It is amazing the regulations that must be adhered to for such works.

Thanks to Carol (U27) for the photo...





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