Coming Events

WOW Afternoon Drinks Nov 22nd

Women of Waves!  A reminder that Wednesday November 22nd  at 3pm, Vicki is hosting afternoon drinks at her apartment #23, East Tower.

Bring your drink of choice and a small plate to share (not necessary).  Come anytime after 3.


WOW Luncheon

Also the WOW luncheon will be Friday, December 1st at noon. Venue is the new-look Belvedere.



Men of Waves

Not to be out done, Men of Waves will gather for a lunch also on Friday the 1st December  at noon.

Location is most likely to be the Redcliffe Tavern.



AGM 2019 for Owners

Owners Voting Papers Sent

By now you should have received an email and a printed copy of the meeting motions, and supporting documents.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday August 22nd at 10:00am at 31 Portwood Street, Redcliffe.

If you cannot make it to the AGM, then please vote ahead of time by completing your voting paper and submitting it to Capitol.

Owners are encouraged to attend, though this is not necessary.

Committee Nominations Needed Now

Recently you should have received an AGM notice from our body corporate manager, Capitol.
We recommend that you do attend the AGM, as it is important to add your vote to critical decisions.

New Committee

The notice included a Committee Nomination form. Yes, you can nominate yourself.
At the time of the AGM, all positions will be declared as vacant, so we need nominations for all positions.
You may nominate for all positions;- Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and/or one of the Ordinary members.

It appears there may be some of the present committee who are not nominating again.

Being on the committee is a rewarding experience. Yes, it does require a few hours of your time each month, but you will find it worthwhile.
If in doubt, ask any current or previous committee person.

Still wondering if this is for you? There will be ample guidance provided to you if this is to be your first experience on our body corporate committee, so do not be apprehensive. C'mon, give it a go and get those forms lodged now. The closing date is Thursday, 31 May 2018.

Typical Meeting

Changed.. Bee Gees Way Dinner Event

Bee Gees Way Dinner – Now Replaced

Sorry, but we have to report that MBRC have cancelled the Bee Gees Way dinner for 2017.

In its place will be the Legends Lunch. You can find information on the Legends Lunch here -

This new event takes place the same date, September 8th.

Last year a couple from Waves attended the Bee Gee Way dinner event held in Redcliffe.

It was a great success, and there was great food, wine and beer supplied. Ticket prices included the dinner and drinks, and live music and dance floor.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council plan to run the event again this year tentatively on September 8th.

Tickets are not yet on sale, but should be soon.

For a great night out, and within walking distance, keep Friday Sept 8thfree.

This note will be updated once further details are available.

Next Committee Meeting May 3rd

Tentative Date and Time

The next committee meeting is set for Wed 3rd of May at 6:30PM.

Location: Ground Floor Car Park (BYO Chair)

Owners are reminded that they may attend only in the capacity as observers.


Later Tentative Dates

Sunday, 2nd July, 2017  -  Owners Q&A related to 2017/2018 Budget. Time and Location TBA.

Wednesday, 5th July, 2017  -  Body Corporate Committee Meeting

Wednesday, 9th August, 2017  -  Body Corporate Annual General Meeting.  Time and Location TBA.




Next Committee Meeting

The next committee meeting is set for Wed 29th March at 6:30PM.

Location: Ground Floor Car Park (BYO Chair)

Owners are reminded that they may attend only in the capacity as observers.

Please RSVP by 9AM March 28th to the Secretary via email:      or by a note in the Strata mail box.