Please do not feed the birds.  Yes, they are great to see and hear, but they should not be encouraged.

Doing so can attract them back to other residents balconies where they can leave a mess on the balcony rail or glass.

They can feed themselves in Nature.


Rubbish Room Etiquette

Incorrect items continue to be placed into the Recycle Bins.

There should be no plastic bags, even when they contain bottles etc. By all means, carry them to the rubbish room in bags, but tip the contents into the recycle bin, and the loose plastic bags into the regular  RED -topped rubbish bins. That will help everyone.

Food scraps that go into the regular rubbish bins should all be in tied-off plastic bags. This will help minimise flies and other pests.



wrong recycles

In this photo, there are three items that fail the Recycle Test.

Number 1 is a styro-foam food container. This goes into Rubbish.

Numbers 2 and 3  are polythene plastic bags. #2 is a zip-lock bag and hard to see, 3# is just a clear plastic bag. 

These items were moved into a rubbish bin.


Laundry on Balconies

Laundry set out to dry on balconies is ugly and impacts the building appearance.

And it is in breach of the building's by-laws.

But a few people are ignoring the rules and place drying racks with laundry on their balconies.

Please abide by the by-laws or expect a Breach Notice from your Committee.