Microwave Replacement

Failing Fagor

Our original Fagor microwave oven has been loosing its heating power and taking longer to heat/cook foods.

We wanted a new one that would fit into the same space and match the built-in look of the old Fagor.

With the tip from Fiona and Ned, we started hunting for the Artusi models. They had replaced theirs some time back and it looked close to the original.

The one we found was the Artusi AMO31TK model. This was ordered from AppliancesOnline and due to stock shortages and shipping delays, it took nearly two months to arrive.



The installation instructions that came with the unit were minimal. They left out some important details.

After unpacking, we found 4 small plastic bits that were not mentioned anywhere in the manual. These turned out to be important, and NEEDED to be screwed onto the base of the new unit.

The oven came with a paper template, showing where the rear bracket needed to be screwed to the floor of the cutout space. Yes, you need to remove the existing one from the original oven and use this new bracket as it fits into a small slot in the back of the new oven.

The install instructions mention removal of all packing items and plastic. The important point here is that the new unit comes wrapped in a thin plastic wrap that covers the vents in the top of the oven.  Be sure to peel all the plastic off so that vent holes are open.

Plug in the cord, switch on, then slide the new oven into place. You may need to jiggle it a little to ensure it connects properly with the rear support bracket.  Screw the front hold-down screw in place, and you are done.



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