NBN Internet Outage

NBN Splitter Boxes

What Happened to Your Internet

After a lightning storm on Saturday 31 October, there were several reports of intermittent internet issues which ranged from drop-outs to slowdowns for about 10 days.

Several NBN technicians worked on site to fix individual unit connections.

Then at about 2:00pm on Thursday 12th November, half our building lost all internet.

Investigations by some committee discovered that one of the two grey boxes shown above, was nice and warm, and the other was cold.

The one on the left was the cold one and it served the whole West tower of Waves. Several owners were advised to let their internet suppliers know what we had discovered. Sadly there is no direct phone number for contacting NBN.

Due to the number of calls to NBN retailers, the NBN dispatched a pair of technicians who turned up at about 6:30pm Thursday evening. They set to work on replacing the faulty splitter and had the job completed by about 9:00pm.

The splitter unit on the right as shown supplies the east tower. It will likely fail at some stage but the crew were not interested in replacing both units until the next one fails.

Several people who do work from home at present were adversely affected by the outage.

Strangely, the splitter units are old Optus supplied equipment and bought by NBN. The NBN technicians reported that the company that manufactured them had been closed for about five years.

The new unit installed Thursday is a more compact model by another company.

Fingers crossed that the right hand splitter continues to work.



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