Desk Wireless Phone for Elderly

I just learned about this phone, and it is ideal for the very elderly, and perhaps some not so old.

Basically it is a desk phone that uses "mobile phone" technology. Thus it does not need NBN or a Landline. It uses a mobile phone SIM card to make and receive calls.

There are lots of positive reviews online.

Cost is $219.50.

It is available from:


Great for those who have trouble managing and using a mobile phone.

The phone would be well suited for use in Aged Care facilities, or for when an elderly relative might be located with different family members from time to time.

It would also work in a Hospital, if they allowed it.



Here is another image of the phone.

Seniors Phone

Some Specs

No landline, No NBN required.

EasyDial 4G Desk Phone with New Features:

3 Dedicated Speed Dial buttons
Allows to Assign 3 most important contact numbers to 3 dedicated Big buttons for One Touch speed call.
Call Announcement
Option to Announce both incoming and outgoing Phone numbers in a clear voice.
Voice & Call recording
Option to record all phone conversations automatically and play later
One-Touch FM Radio
Large Screen with Big Font
Easy Setup
WIFI Hotspot to share SIM data with other devices
Block unwanted calls
Dual SIM card supports
2000mAh Backup battery - Will last up to 72 hours in stand-by mode

This 4G Wireless Desk phone works with 4G,3G SIM cards from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Amaysim, ALDI Mobile, Layca Mobile, Tele Choice, Woolworth Mobiles, Better Life Mobile, Boost Mobile, Belong Mobile, LYFmobile, Think Mobile and much more.

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