New Dishwasher

Goodbye Fagor Dishwasher

Our dishwasher has been failing to shut off the water supply when done washing. Luckily it has a over-full sensor that detects a high water level, and then pumps out the water in the base.  The slow leak of water getting past the infill solenoid would cause an overfull condition about once per hour. To manage this, I would need to turn the tap off after each time we used the washer. And on again to do the next wash.

Time for a new dishwasher.

Hello Bosch SMS40E08AU

Looking around at many brands, we settled on the Bosch model: SMS40E08AU. This we bought at Good-Guys.

Installation is fairly easy. Once I had the new hoses and power fed through to the undersink cabinet, the new unit slid cleanly into place.

The old Fagor model went to the metal pile at the Clontarf tip.



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