New Oven

Fagor Thermostat Unreliable

The thermostat on our original Fagor oven was proving unreliable.  Time for a new oven.

We searched several stores and on-line and settled on a Westinghouse replacement (model WVE614SC).

As we did with our dishwasher, we found the new one at Good Guys.

We collected it at the North Lakes store. luckily it fit into our vehicle.


Installation WVE614SC

This is one item that needs a licensed electrician to remove the old one and install the new one. The unit has the wiring direct connected to a mounting block inside the back of the oven.

Upon removal of the old oven, we discovered a few discarded cigarette butts from the original installers. Thanks guys for being so messy.

The Sparky had to re-route the power wiring from one side of the back of the cabinet to the other and the new Westinghouse had it connecting on the left (when looking at the oven front). It is a tight fit, and there was not an extra 15mm between the back of the new oven, and the rear wall. Trying to install the new oven with its cable crossing over the supply to the cooktop meant the new oven would not push all the way back as needed. Re-routing the oven wiring solved that issue.


Oven Model

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