NBN Internet

Waves was chosen as a test case for Hybrid Fibre Cable (HFC) NBN connection back in 2015.
The building was wired internally, and in mid 2016 the connecting cable was laid from the Switchboard Room to the cable that runs along Marine Parade.
Then, the masters in control discovered that there was not sufficient capability of existing street cables to handle 60 apartments.

As of early March, 2017, ( as the graphic from the NBN site shows) it looks like it has gone back to the drawing board, and the building will eventually get a fibre connection all the way to the electrical switchboard room.

How each apartment is then connected to the fibre is yet to be determined.

What Will Be Different with the NBN?

With NBN there will be the choice to pay a few dollars extra each month and get much faster internet.
There will be different download and upload speeds available.

It is the Download speed that you will appreciate the most.

Options will be:

25Mb/second (A bit faster than present ADSL2 which you likely have)

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