NBN Update

Update: Aug 22, 2017.. A recent set of tests of a connection using a replaced splitter box in the Electrical Room in Ground Floor Garage was done about six weeks ago. It may still have shown speed problems and so we still need to wait for NBN co to write to us when all is ready. Yesterday NBN co announced that they would be conducting testing in four locations around Australia next February using the latest HFC (Hybrid Fibre Cable) connections using the DOCsis 3.1 transmission. Maybe we will be one of those locations??? If so, then we will be assured of very fast broadband speeds.

There has been recent NBN activity along Marine Pde, heading this way from around Mon Komo.

It looks as if they are getting ready to bring the fibre optic cable along the street and maybe soon we will have an NBN connection to the building.  The present indication is that we will get to use the Coaxial cable installed last year that was left coiled up in the ceiling in front of each apartment entrance.

More details will be sent direct to each unit owner in due course by the NBNco.
All the apartment blocks along Marine Pde are awaiting the new connection.


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