Your Air Conditioner

If you still have your originally installed air conditioner, then it will be a Fujitsu.
The units are Owner responsibility and as such you are advised to ensure they are covered by any contents insurance you may have.

These air conditioner units should be serviced every year or two to keep them in good working order.


New Fibre Optic

Today, 13-Feb-2019, I found a technician joining a new fibre optic cable at a pit at the south end of Sutton Street. I spoke to him briefly and he says it is a backbone fibre and will run all the way up Sutton Street.

Whilst we have HFC NBN at Waves, it may one day enable us to get the faster FTTB (Fibre to the Building) NBN and gigabit speeds.

Fibre on Sutton

September 2018 - Now Available

I checked today (29-Sept-2018) and I see that the NBN Co has recommenced new NBN connections for us here at Waves.

For first time NBN connections, be advised that the present cabling for your unit is only to the stage of a coiled up Coax lead that has been poked through the firewall above your Unit front door. It is accessible from the first light fitting, just inside your unit.

Any NBN installer will need to know that information about the cable in the previous paragraph. You will also need to decide where you want your NBN wall outlet. This is where your modem and phone (if any) will be located once installed, so plan carefully. It will also need to be near a power outlet.

The installers will extend the cable to where you want it, though in some cases you may have to be firm and demanding as to the location you want.

Choosing an NBN Retailer for Internet Service

When connecting to the NBN, you need to do so through an NBN retailer.

There are many of these, and they are not all the same. The biggest is Telstra, so if you are planning to go with Telstra, or your existing ADSL provider, then that would be the simplest route.

If you are searching around for a new provider, then be aware that most of them you will find are simply re-sellers.

One exception to this is a smaller Telco company, AussieBroadband.    AussieBB provide a great service with value for money. They also use only Australian Based help centres, so if you have an issue, it is more easily dealt with.


Choosing a VOIP Telephone Provider

When moving to the NBN, if you want a landline phone, you will be moving to a VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol) service. Your existing telephone line will disappear.

All existing phone landlines in Redcliffe will be disconnected at the end of June, 2019.

If you are planning to move from your existing phone line supplier, then consider using MyNetFone for your VoIP line. If you are keeping your NBN with your existing telco, then simplest is to keep your phone line with them.

But if you are moving from one provider to another for your NBN, then it is a good idea use separate providers for your NBN internet, and for your VoIP service. That way you can move one or the other between providers at any stage in the future.

Want to keep your existing phone number? Then the number can be "ported" across to your VoIP provider. Mostly this is with no charge, but sometimes may cost you a few dollars.

Any existing physical phone handset will work with VoIP, so no need for new phones.



If you choose AussieBroadBand, (my chosen supplier and I can recommend them) then you can get the first month FREE by signing up online at aussiebroadband

For the free month it’s important that during the online signup process you enter the promo code WPFREEMONTH in the final stage of the check out process. This goes in the promo code field. With AussieBroadBand, there is no long term contract. They are not re-sellers but have their own direct connections to the NBN network. Their excellent phone support is all based in Australia.

Good luck. John, Unit 15

August 2018 Update

The NBN Co has announced that they will re-commence new HFC NBN connections in the Redcliffe area commencing late September 2018. Once we are able to confirm the availability of new connections we will post a message here.

A few units have had NBN now for several months, and it is very reliable and you are able to subscribe at higher speeds than those available with the legacy ADSL.



April 10th Update Announcement

Today (10-April-2018) the NBN Co announced that they would re-commence new HFC NBN connections in the Brisbane area commencing late June. It is not known yet if this will include the Redcliffe area, but it looks likely.

I have had NBN now for several months, and subscribed to the fastest available speed package of 100/40. There has only been two short outages that I have noticed since November. Each outage was less than 10 minutes.

(John Griffiths, Unit 15)


NBN to Suspend New HFC Connections

You may have read a press release from Monday Nov 27th where NBN have announced they are to suspend all new HFC nbn connections until they investigate and fix some reported network issues. Here is one report... Computerworld Article 

The announcement said that the suspension comes into effect immediately.
But there is still time if you wish to get onto the NBN network sooner than about 6-9 months from now.

Providers have been told that orders lodged by December 11th will be connected, but no new orders can be lodged after that date.
Some providers are still taking orders. So try contacting your chosen NBN provider ASAP and see if they will take your order now. If they won't, then I suggest you try AussieBroadBand as I know they are continuing to take orders until the deadline December 11th.

New Development Maybe and Confirmed

Yes - Construction Commencing

28-September-2018  and site works have commenced. It appears they are to build a single home on the lot, maybe similar to that new one recently completed near the corner of McDonnell Road.


Seen on March 14th

There looks like there may be some development happening on the vacant lot at 33 Marine Parade. 

On March 14 2018 there was a team doing soil-sampling on the lot. 

Those of us living on the North side of Waves have been concerned with what development may happen with the row of older houses and the vacant lot along Marine Parade. 

Judging by the depth of the sampling undertaken, which was about 3 metres, the reckoning is that it may be for a house, and not an apartment block.  For a multi-level development, a deeper soil sampling would seem more appropriate.

We will watch and see what happens.... 

The Drilling Truck

Sutton Ella Streets Corner

Fresh For Sale Signs

Looks like this will be a good candidate for a new MDU development on Sutton Street.

The three old homes on the Southwest corner of Sutton and Ella Streets were today decorated with For Sale signs.

I see that the price asked for the three lots is a cool $3M.  and a prospective height of 6 floors, subject to MBRC approvals.

My guess is with all three signs going up together at the same time, the prospective buyer will be a developer.


And the 4-8 Sutton Street Development

Rumour has it that the development just South of Waves on Sutton Street has been put on hold by the developer, and the whole property is now for sale.


Email Scam Red Light Intrusion

Ray Scott-White (Unit 57) reports receiving an email titled “Driving Intrusion Information”

It purports to come from the Australian Federal Police and shows their badge emblem.

Then the email sets out details of the infringement with…

Reason: Red Lights
Case No: 473xxxxxxx
Date of issue: 9/12/2017 ( hmmm strange date format for AFP)
Amount Due: $56.70 AUD
Due Date 10/12/2017

Then there is a link to “View” the infringement notice….

Don’t open the link… It is a scam. Ray has reported the email to the Police and wants to share his warning with all.

The Police stated that they do not send out emails for such infringements.
Don’t get caught by scams such as this.

Thanks Ray for the warning.

Changed.. Bee Gees Way Dinner Event

Bee Gees Way Dinner – Now Replaced

Sorry, but we have to report that MBRC have cancelled the Bee Gees Way dinner for 2017.

In its place will be the Legends Lunch. You can find information on the Legends Lunch here -

This new event takes place the same date, September 8th.

Last year a couple from Waves attended the Bee Gee Way dinner event held in Redcliffe.

It was a great success, and there was great food, wine and beer supplied. Ticket prices included the dinner and drinks, and live music and dance floor.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council plan to run the event again this year tentatively on September 8th.

Tickets are not yet on sale, but should be soon.

For a great night out, and within walking distance, keep Friday Sept 8thfree.

This note will be updated once further details are available.

NBN Update

Update: Aug 22, 2017.. A recent set of tests of a connection using a replaced splitter box in the Electrical Room in Ground Floor Garage was done about six weeks ago. It may still have shown speed problems and so we still need to wait for NBN co to write to us when all is ready. Yesterday NBN co announced that they would be conducting testing in four locations around Australia next February using the latest HFC (Hybrid Fibre Cable) connections using the DOCsis 3.1 transmission. Maybe we will be one of those locations??? If so, then we will be assured of very fast broadband speeds.

There has been recent NBN activity along Marine Pde, heading this way from around Mon Komo.

It looks as if they are getting ready to bring the fibre optic cable along the street and maybe soon we will have an NBN connection to the building.  The present indication is that we will get to use the Coaxial cable installed last year that was left coiled up in the ceiling in front of each apartment entrance.

More details will be sent direct to each unit owner in due course by the NBNco.
All the apartment blocks along Marine Pde are awaiting the new connection.


In-House NBN Info

Lorraine and Bruce have offered to help residents with a range of telecom services, including NBN advice and support.

See their notice above or on the notice board in ground floor car park.


We do still need to wait until we each get a confirmation from the NBN Co that our connection is available.
In the meantime, enjoy the present internet connection (ADSL or Cable) that you currently enjoy as there are problems reported with slow speeds and drop-outs in the Redcliffe area after conversion.

The Way We Were

These old photos show what was at the Waves site before construction commenced.
Use the phone box as a reference.

Thanks to John Dunn for sending in those photographs.

Plantation Shutters

Barry and Collette are looking into getting quotes for some Plantation shutters.

If you can recommend a supplier please drop a note into their mailbox (Unit 11) or send an email ( barryandcollette AT )

Lending Library

Alison Dunn reports that-


Waves now has it’s own lending library for books, magazines and DVD’s.

Many thanks Alison (U23)

See below for details.

Got some items you would like to share? Add them to the collection.

Next Committee Meeting May 3rd

Tentative Date and Time

The next committee meeting is set for Wed 3rd of May at 6:30PM.

Location: Ground Floor Car Park (BYO Chair)

Owners are reminded that they may attend only in the capacity as observers.


Later Tentative Dates

Sunday, 2nd July, 2017  -  Owners Q&A related to 2017/2018 Budget. Time and Location TBA.

Wednesday, 5th July, 2017  -  Body Corporate Committee Meeting

Wednesday, 9th August, 2017  -  Body Corporate Annual General Meeting.  Time and Location TBA.




Rubbish Room Etiquette

Incorrect items continue to be placed into the Recycle Bins.

There should be no plastic bags, even when they contain bottles etc. By all means, carry them to the rubbish room in bags, but tip the contents into the recycle bin, and the loose plastic bags into the regular  RED -topped rubbish bins. That will help everyone.

Food scraps that go into the regular rubbish bins should all be in tied-off plastic bags. This will help minimise flies and other pests.



wrong recycles

In this photo, there are three items that fail the Recycle Test.

Number 1 is a styro-foam food container. This goes into Rubbish.

Numbers 2 and 3  are polythene plastic bags. #2 is a zip-lock bag and hard to see, 3# is just a clear plastic bag. 

These items were moved into a rubbish bin.


Waves Online

Welcome to Waves Redcliffe Community eMagazine site.

This site is provided as-is.

All information is made as factual as possible for the benefit of the Waves Community.


Laundry on Balconies

Laundry set out to dry on balconies is ugly and impacts the building appearance.

And it is in breach of the building's by-laws.

But a few people are ignoring the rules and place drying racks with laundry on their balconies.

Please abide by the by-laws or expect a Breach Notice from your Committee.