Getting NBN Connected

You May Need a New Wireless Router

When we all connect to the NBN we each most likely need to buy a new router with more features that that we currently use for any ADSL internet connection.  Reason being, is that our WiFi ADSL modems will need to connect to a WAN (Wide Area Network) connection Socket 5 on the graphic above.. This will be a data cable (RJ45) that will connect from the NBN Cable Modem (which NBN will be providing and installing and configuring at no cost).  We will not “own” that cable modem and it would remain in place should we ever move out. It is part of the NBN infrastructure.

The next piece in the chain is out WiFi  router to which we will connect our phone, our computers, our T-Box, our smart TV  or any appliance that needs an internet connection. This might be by a WiFi connection or by a network cable (again, an RJ45 cable) – connections labelled 4 above.

Read enough technical stuff ? Don’t give up, there is more to come.


So You Want a Phone

The old standard phone line as we have known it for many decades, is going to go away.
In approximately 18 months, it will be disconnected permanently. If you don’t use a Landline phone now, but rely on Mobile phones, you will not notice this change.  But your present ADSL internet connection if you have one will be using the standard phone landline connection.

The replacement for the landline phone is a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone, and for this you will need a modem/router that is capable of a VoIP connection. In the graphic at the top, your phone would plug into a socket such as those shown at item 6.

If you sign up for a longer term contract with your internet supplier, they will usually include the necessary Voip router as part of the plan.

If you sign up for a Month-to-Month contract, you will likely need to buy your own Voip enabled wireless router from your internet provider as part of the sign-up process with them. There are about 150 different internet providers, each trying to offer different packages. I do not want to suggest any in particular, but make your own enquiries.

Your NBN Cable Modem

The NBN will supply an Arris Cable Modem as shown on the right. It will connect to the NBN cable outlet that the NBN technicians will install for you.

The cable modem will have a small power adapter which supplies it with 12 volt power. 

Measurements for the cable modem are: (H x W x D) : 132 x 44 x 132 mm. It is designed to sit vertically, but should also work if laid flat and there was some gap for air flow to keep it cool. 

Download the Modem Manual

This photo shows the rear of the modem where all connections are made.

RJ12 - RJ45 Differences

Above we show the two types of cable connections used for phones and networks.

The smaller one ( RJ12) with up to 6 connectors is used to connect phone appliances. It would be used in sockets 6 and/or 7 in the router shown at the top.

The  larger one ( RJ45 ) will have 8 connectors, and is used for network connections. This one can be used to carry a lot of data, way more than you will get from your internet connection. RJ45 cables would connect to sockets numbered  4 and 5 in the router shown at the top.

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