NBN Cabling and Socket Placement

Feedback from Waves Units

Below is feedback from various units. Please let us know how your installation goes.

Unit 31 Completed

26-Oct-2017 Update:  The NBN internet has now been successfully connected to Barry and Lorrie McNamara of Unit 31. Barry reports that the speed is as his internet supplier advertised.

So far as we know, Unit 31 is the first unit in Waves to connect to the NBN. Well done Barry and Lorrie. It was a long hard road 🙂

Barry is happy to show any residents how his cabling was installed. Please see the Contacts page for his details.

The photo below shows the vent the NBN installers added to the ceiling in the laundry to allow them to run the cable down inside the wall. Neat job.

Vent in Laundry



Barry and Lorrie of Unit 31 had their NBN cabling installed by NBN installers on October 12th. Barry reports that the installers did a great job and were able to add his NBN socket where he wanted, in his Study area. The installers ran the cabling across the ceiling space by threading it from light fitting to light fitting.
By cutting a small hole in the ceiling of the laundry just behind the study wall, they were able to feed the cable down the inside of the wall cavity to where the socket was wanted.

The small hole in the ceiling was then finished off with a small vent cover. Time taken: approximately 2.5 hours.

There was no extra charge to the unit owners.


Unit 15

John and Candace, unit 15 have had the cabling completed, by a private cabler, ready for the NBN technician to attach the necessary HFC Cable modem. We plan for that to happen late November, as we will be away until about then.

The layout plan for our unit made it possible for our cable to be routed through the ceiling space to the laundry. Then it runs down the laundry wall in a neat channel, and then through the wall to a wallplate in our study area. Time taken by the cabler to do the job was about 4 hours. Getting access to the laundry ceiling space was a fluke, as the wall gyprock panels seem to go all the way up to the concrete above.  There was one small opening we finally found where a previous electrician had created a hole in the gyprock wall within the ceiling cavity between the Study and Laundry.

Update:  December 11 2017

NBN was installed today. We have temporarily opted for the fastest available speed 100/40 as supplied by AussieBroadBand.

So far we are very happy with the NBN as installed.

John Griffiths, U15



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