Some Air Conditioners-Pumps

AC Drainage Pumps

When cooling, air conditioners create condensation which must be removed. In most AC units in Waves, this removal is by gravity drainage into a few ducts around the apartments.

However, in some segments of the building, there are no convenient ducts and the units will have drainage pumps installed.

The pumps have been, very inconveniently, installed in the ceiling, or into wall cavities just below the AC units with no access for maintenance/replacement. Holes need to be cut into the walls to access the failed pumps.  AC units thus far with the problems have been those in the living rooms. Those in the bedrooms seem to all have the gravity drainage piping.  Even with the gravity drainage, some maintenance is desirable each year to ensure there is no blockage due to build up of dust and lint.

When a pump fails, water overflows into the wall cavity and ends up ruining your carpets/flooring. Hopefully your contents insurer will cover the resultant damage.

For those with pumps, the best solution is to have a serviceman install an external pump where needed. The below shows an example of one within Waves. Another option in some cases is to add a gravity fed drain pipe to a laundry drain where the laundry is directly behind the air conditioner wall unit.

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